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  • 所属行业:机械制造/机电/重工
  • 企业规模:1000人以上
  • 企业性质:外企独资


职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
人力资源实习生 北京 兼职/实习 2月08日 Beijing
市场支持实习生(维保业务) 北京 兼职/实习 2月08日 Beijing
Admin Specialist 行政专员 北京 全职 2月08日 Beijing
HR Generalist 人力资源专员(偏招聘培训方向) 北京 全职 1月31日 Beijing
多媒体课程开发专员 上海 全职 1月18日 上海总部


迅达(中国)电梯有限公司 标签:铜城铁壁 o468 澳门赌场博彩公司




About Schindler Group
Founded in Switzerland in 1874. the Schindler Group is a leading global provider of elevators. escalators and related services. Its innovative and environmentally-friendly access and transit-management systems make an important contribution to mobility in urban societies.
Schindler’s mobility solutions move one billion people every day all over the world. Behind the company’s success are more than 54.000 employees in over 100 countries.
About Schindler China
Schindler established the China’s first industrial joint venture in 1980 and accomplished the process of becoming WOFEs in 2006. With over 30 years of presence in China. Schindler continually looks to satisfy its vast customer base. and commits itself towards further investment in people. service. manufacturing. and R&D in China.Its offerings range from cost-effective solutions for low-rise residential buildings to sophisticated access and transit management concepts for skyscrapers. Now Schindler has about 100 branches located in every major city in China. With opening of the new plant in Jiading Shanghai. Schindler is committed to providing leading technology and excellent service to China market for a long run.
As a leading employer in urban mobility. Schindler is committed to a diverse workforce and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.If you are ready for different challenges and cultures. and comfortable with a thrilled working environment. Schindler is your first choice. Welcome to join us. we will provide competitive compensation and benefits. as well as comprehensive learn & development opportunities.

Contact Us
Schindler China Head Office
No. 555. Xingshun Road Shanghai (201807)
Tel: 86-021-67095555
Website: www.schindler.com

Remark: Shuttle bus will be provided