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  1. When did you come back?你是什么时候回来的?

2.We came back last Sunday.我们上个星期日回来的。

3.I dropped my ice cream.我掉了我的冰激凌

4.Do you live in London?你住在伦敦吗?

5.Did they buy ice creams? Yes ,I did./ No, I didn't他们买了冰激凌吗?是的/没有。

6.How many banamas do you want?Six, please.你想要多少香蕉?六个。

7.How much cheese/milk do you want?Half a kilo.你想要多少奶酪/牛奶?半公斤

8.Do you like cheese ,Lingling? No, I don't. 你喜欢奶酪吗?不,我不喜欢。

9.What did you do at the weeked?你在周末做什么了?

10.We visited lots of places.我们参观了很多地方。

11.Where did you go ? We went to the British Museum. 你去哪儿了?我们去了大英博物馆。

12.What did Daming do?大明做了什么?

13. What time does school start?学校什么时候开始上课?

14.My school starts at nine o'clock.我们学校九点开始上课。

15.How did you go?你怎么去的?

16.It's mine / yours/ his/ hers / Lingling's. .它是我的/你的/他的/她的/玲玲的。

17.But it isn't hers.但它不是她的。

18.Sam took my T-shirt .萨姆拿了我的T-恤衫。

19.He wants to wear it.他想穿着它。

20. You should look ,then cross the road.你应该看一看再过马路。

21.You shouldn't walk in the road.你不该在马路上走。

22.Whose bag is this? It's Jimmy's.这是谁的书包?它是吉米的。

23.There are / aren't enough.够了。/不够。

24. I feel happy/tired/bored/sad/hungry.我感到高兴/疲倦/无聊/饥饿。

25. What's the matter? Nothing. 怎么啦?没什么。

26.There are too many books on the books.在桌子上有太多的书。

27.You 've got two pencils now.你现在有两支铅笔。

28.You can catch the ball well.你能接好球。

29.Can you run fast ? No, I can't. 你能跑得快吗?不,我不能。

30.I can do it very well.我可以把它做得很好。

31.I sing very badly.我唱得很糟糕。

32.I can't do it at all.我根本不会做。

33.Can we have a dog,please,Mum? No, we can't. 我们可以养只狗吗?不行。

34.Their mother sometimes helps them.有时他们的妈妈帮助他们。

35. Are you feeling sad/bored/angry? Yes,I am /No, I 'm not.你感到难过/无聊/生气吗?是/不。


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